The Oregon Ocean Policy Advisory Council (OPAC) is a legislatively mandated marine policy advisory body to provide, among other statutory charges, advice to the Governor, state agencies and local governments on ocean policy and resource management matters.

OPAC membership is representative of coastal community interests, state agencies, conservation interests and the general public. Meetings of OPAC are usually held in communities along the Oregon coast.

Much of OPAC’s work is performed within smaller working groups: Click here to read more about OPAC's Working groups.

These groups have no added authority over OPAC itself. The topical working groups are ad hoc subgroups and are named to address specific issues. Members of these groups are members of OPAC or may be any other individuals with knowledge of the issues. All decisions and positions of OPAC are developed and made or taken by the entire council.

OPAC has two types of members:
1.Voting council members- these members have rights to vote.
2. Non-voting, or Ex Officio, members—these members sit on the council and offer their expertise, but have no voting rights.

Current Roster of OPAC members and their contact information.