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Oregon Marine ReservesThere's More Beneath the Surface

Oregon’s marine reserves are areas within our coastal nearshore waters dedicated to conservation and scientific research.

5 Sites   The Cape Falcon, Cascade Head, Otter Rock, Cape Perpetua, and Redfish Rocks marine reserves are each named for local natural landmarks. Within the marine reserves all removal of marine life is prohibited, as is ocean development.

ODFW   We are diving deep to gain a more scientific understanding of marine reserves and our nearshore waters and coastal communities. The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) manages and scientifically monitors these five sites. The ODFW Marine Reserves Program is located at the coast in Newport, Oregon with six full-time staff.

Join Us   There is plenty more for us to learn about Oregon's nearshore waters and coastal communities. Join us as we study and learn from these sites, and bring deeper understanding to the surface.


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    Status of Sites


  • Redfish Rocks and Otter Rock (Jan 1, 2012)
    Scientific monitoring at the sites is currently ongoing. Site management plans have been developed and are available.

  • Cape Perpetua and Cascade Head (Jan 1, 2014)
    Scientific monitoring at the sites is currently ongoing. Site management plans are currently under development and will be completed later this year.

  • Cape Falcon (Jan 1, 2016)
    Rules have been adopted and harvest restrictions will begin in 2016. Baseline data collection is currently underway.

  • Rules and Maps
    Click to view: Rules with maps and  Boundary Coordinates for the marine reserve sites.

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