What’s New at Knight Park?

(Jul 23, 2015)

A new kiosk at Knight Park highlights recreation and conservation in and around Cascade Head and the Salmon River estuary. Knight Park is managed by Lincoln County Parks and is a popular destination along the Salmon River for fishing and outdoors enthusiasts, and is visited by over 1,000 school children each year.

The Salmon Drift Creek Watershed Council created the kiosk to share information with the Park’s visitors about the terrestrial, freshwater, and marine conservation measures in place in this area and to highlight fishing, wildlife viewing, and other opportunities for outdoor activities. Interns from Taft High School, working with the Watershed Council this summer, helped install the interpretive sign featured at the kiosk.

A special thank you to the ODFW Restoration and Enhancement program, for providing grant funds for the kiosk, and to Lincoln County Parks.


Updates From Our Summer Interns (July 23, 2015)

Something to be learned at the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife is that SMURFs are not little blue men. A Standard Monitoring Unit for the Recruitment of Reef Fishes, or SMURF, is a tool used to obtain information on the recruitment and spatial distribution of juvenile reef fishes.

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife is using SMURFs to monitor two marine reserves, Otter Rock and Redfish Rocks, and their comparison areas off the coast of Oregon. SMURFs are deployed at each location, including four in the reserve and four in a comparison area. Every two weeks, a team is sent out to retrieve and replace the SMURFs and to collect and analyze the fish caught in each SMURF.

On Monday, July 13th, a team from ODFW and the Oregon Coast Aquarium went out to both Otter Rock Marine Reserve and Cape Foulweather Comparison Area to collect SMURF units.  115 individual juvenile fish were collected and sent back to the lab for genetic analyses. This monitoring will allow ODFW and partnering scientists, in the long term, to better understand the role of fish settling into the marine reserves on the Oregon coast and how early life stages of fishes use nearshore habitats.



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