ODFW is conducting scientific monitoring to understand the effects of marine reserves (prohibition of fishing and other extraction) over time on the marine environment as well as on people and communities. This information will help us evaluate the use of marine reserves as a management tool in the future. The current monitoring efforts are also proving vital in enhancing our understanding of Oregon’s nearshore environment, our coastal economy, and coastal communities.

Ecological Monitoring

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Human Dimensions Monitoring

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Oregon's marine reserves serve as "undisturbed" reference areas for scientific research and monitoring. Ecological monitoring helps us understand differences between environmental changes to species and habitats and human-caused changes. We can also see if and what changes are occurring to species and habitats due to protection. We do this by monitoring before and after cessation of fishing in the reserve, both inside the reserve and outside in fished areas for comparison over time.

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Human dimensions monitoring helps us understand social, cultural, and economic effects to ocean users and communities due to implementation of marine reserve sites. Monitoring provides the necessary social and economic information needed for future marine reserves evaluation and to support other nearshore resource management.

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