In July of 2010 work began on the development of Oregon MarineMap to support the State’s marine spatial planning efforts. MarineMap is a web-based decision support tool for open and participatory spatial planning in the marine environment. It is a project of the MarineMap Consortium, which is composed of developers at the University of California Santa Barbara, Ecotrust, and The Nature Conservancy.

Oregon MarineMap development will support the on-going public process to update the Oregon Territorial Sea Plan (TSP). To learn more about the various aspects of MarineMap and how it can be used click here.

Through data visualization, real-time analysis, and reporting, the primary goal of Oregon MarineMap is to provide resource managers, scientists, stakeholders, and the public a means to conduct transparent and collaborative coastal and marine spatial planning. Oregon MarineMap will allow users to collectively explore and analyze marine geospatial information to identify suitable areas for renewable ocean energy with consideration for existing uses and the conservation of marine resources and ecological functions.

More specifically, Oregon MarineMap will provide users with the ability to:

  • Visualize social, economic, and ecological attributes of coastal areas;
  • Spatially locate various uses and activities;
  • Generate reports that assess the application of certain uses according to pre-defined guidelines, ecological conditions and socio-economic factors; and
  • Share information and analytical results with other users.

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Contact for Ocean Energy

DLCD is the lead on amending the Territorial Sea Plan. To reach DLCD contact:

Paul Klarin
635 Capitol St. NE, Suite 150
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