A component of Oregon’s Territorial Sea Plan for Renewable Energy Siting
September 20-21, 2011
Comfort Suites (Salbasgeon Suites), Corvallis, Oregon

Science Workshop goals
This workshop will focus on scientific review of data and methods used in the Ecological Atlas project, a marine spatial planning tool that will be incorporated into Oregon's Territorial Sea Plan (TSP) process. The Ecological Atlas will have maps of individual marine resources (e.g. kelp beds in Oregon waters) and will also identify ecological hotspots. The TSP process will use this ecological information, along with other information at a future series of meetings to determine areas to be protected from ocean development projects in the future, according to Goal 19 statewide policy.

Workshop presentations and handouts:


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Contact for Ocean Energy

DLCD is the lead on amending the Territorial Sea Plan. To reach DLCD contact:

Paul Klarin
635 Capitol St. NE, Suite 150
Salem, OR 97301-2540