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What is the OPAC?

The Oregon Ocean Policy Advisory Council (OPAC) is a legislatively mandated marine policy advisory body to provide, among other statutory charges, advice to the Governor, state agencies and local governments on ocean policy and resource management matters (ORS 196.433). OPAC membership diverse and made up of representatives from coastal community interests, state agencies, conservation interests and the general public. Meetings of OPAC are usually held in communities along the Oregon coast. The membership of OPAC is defined by ORS 196.438.  The OPAC operates following the policies and procedures established by the Council and recorded in their pdf Policies and Procedures document (38 KB) , which are summarized in a pdf set of slides (605 KB) .   


OPAC Meetings are open to the public and we invite all interested parties to attend meetings and give comment. View the Upcoming OPAC Events to the right of the page or visit the Current Events section below for information on upcoming OPAC meetings and other activities.


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OPAC Current Events




Time and Date

Draft Meeting Agenda

Rocky Shores
Working Group

Basement Hearing Room      Oregon Dept. of Land Conservation and Development
635 Capitol Street NE, Salem, OR

January 30th 2018
1:00 PM - 4:00 PM
  pdf Draft Agenda (94 KB)


For information on the upcoming amendment to the Territorial Sea Plan Part III: Rocky Shores Strategy, visit the TSP Rocky Shores Strategy Amendment page

Draft meeting summaries, distributed documents portfolios, and presentations from the previous OPAC events and working group meetings are available from the Meetings page. Please check this site again for information about future meetings and events.


TSP Rocky Shores Amendment


Managing Oregon’s Rocky Shores: A Shared Responsibility

In fall 2017, DLCD will gather decision makers across the state to begin an amendment to the Rocky Shores management chapter (Part III) of the Oregon Territorial Sea Plan (TSP). The plan acts as a coordinated vision for Oregon coastal resources and guides the actions of state and federal agencies that are responsible for managing coastal and ocean resources in the public trust. The amended rocky shores plan will incorporate the best available science and consider the needs, concerns, and values of Oregonians balanced with the state’s goals for a resilient coastal ecosystem that can provide enduring opportunities for its users.

View the " pdf Citizens Guide to the Oregon Territorial Sea Plan Rocky Shores Amendment (1.10 MB) " to learn more about the amendment process and how to get involved.

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OPAC Letters and Recommendations

OPAC recommendations are provided to the LCDC or directly to the Governor to be considered for adoption into formal rulemaking. This page contains an archive of recommendations and publications produced by OPAC and its Working Groups.


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To stay updated and get involved in the amendment process to the Territorial Sea Plan - Rocky Shores update visit the TSP Rocky Shores Amendment page.

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OPAC Membership

Membership as of October, 2017

  document Download the current OPAC Roster  (35 KB)

Membership on the Ocean Policy Advisory Council is specified in ORS 196.438

(Revised: April 4, 2017)


OPAC Working Groups

Current and past working groups of the Ocean Policy Advisory Council.

OPAC Meetings

Meeting agendas, documents, and videos of the Ocean Policy Advisory Council