The 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami created much devastation in Japan and resulted in about 1.5 million tons of debris washing into the ocean. To deal with the threat to our beaches and safety, the State of Oregon created the Oregon Tsunami Debris Task Force charged with incident preparedness and response, public safety, cleanup, and public outreach to address the marine debris affecting Oregon's coastline. The task force includes representatives of State Police, Parks, Environmental Quality, Fish and Wildlife, Public Health, Transportation and the Marine Board, as well as local and tribal governments, state legislators, community organizations, and federal agencies.

One of the task force's first actions has been to partner with 211info, a nonprofit phone hotline, to expand coverage for coastal communities to provide a one stop shop for information on and report issues related to marine debris. The 211 hotline will be operational beginning 8:00 AM Friday, June 29. People are also able to call 1-800-SAFE-NET (1-800-723-3638) to access resources and information.

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