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pdf Cape Falcon Recommendation Analysis Popular

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Analysis of the ODFW Cape Falcon Recommendation

pdf Cape Perpetua Recommendation Analysis Popular

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Analysis of the ODFW Cape Perpetua Recommendation

pdf Cascade Head Recommendation Analysis Popular

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Analysis of the ODFW Cascade Head Recommendation

pdf Community Team Facilitator Observations Popular

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pdf Marine Reserves Listening & Learning Report, Oregon Sea Grant, 2008 Popular

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Marine Reserves Listening & Learning Report, Oregon Sea Grant, 2008.

pdf ODFW Additional Recommendations Popular

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Additional recommendations were developed based on community team and OPAC’s input and included details regarding the review and evaluation, commitment to funding, community engagement, monitoring and research, and mitigation associated with the site recommendations.

pdf ODFW Evaluation Site Recommendations Popular

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ODFW site recommendations on nautical charts with details on prohibitions

pdf ODFW Letter Regarding Cascade Head, Cape Perpetua, Cape Falcon 1.25.2011 Popular

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Letter to the Coastal Legislators regarding final marine reserve recommendations for Cascade Head, Cape Perpetua, and Cape Falcon.

pdf ODFW Recommendation Methods and Analysis Popular

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pdf Recommendations to OPAC, ODFW, 12.3.2010 Popular

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A package of information that ODFW will use in it's presentation to the Ocean Policy Advisory Council at it's December 2010 meeting.

pdf Redfish Rocks Site Management Plan Popular

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pdf SB1510 from the 2012 Legislative Session Popular

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pdf System Analysis Popular

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Evaluation of How Sites Collectively Meet the Ecological and Socioeconomic Sideboards (Cape Falcon, Cascade Head, Cape Perpetua)