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Folder Size and Spacing Workshop, April 2008

At the request of the Marine Reserves Working Group (MRWG), the Science and Technical Advisory Committee (STAC) of Oregon’s Ocean Policy Advisory Council (OPAC) held a workshop on marine reserve size and spacing to address the need for guidelines that can be used in the site nomination process.


pdf 2010-11 Ecological Monitoring Report (ODFW 2014) Popular

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This report serves as ODFW's first biennial monitoring report covering the first two years (2010-2011) of baseline data collected for the Redfish Rocks and Otter Rock marine reserve sites, prior to the cessation of harvest activities. (ODFW 2014)

pdf 2012-13 Ecological Monitoring Report (ODFW 2015) Popular

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This report covers ecological monitoring conducted by ODFW scientists and research partners from 2012-2013 for the Cascade Head, Otter Rock, Cape Perpetua, and Redfish Rocks marine reserve sites. (ODFW 2015)

pdf Biological Monitoring Progress Report Popular

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Biological Monitoring Progress Report, September 2011

pdf Ecological Monitoring Plan (ODFW 2012) Popular

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The monitoring plan documents and describes the objectives, monitoring design, metrics, sampling activities, and data analyses to be implemented by ODFW as part of marine reserves ecological monitoring program. (ODFW 2012)

pdf Ecological Monitoring Plan (ODFW 2015) Popular

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This is the second iteration of ODFW's Ecological Monitoring Plan for Oregon's marine reserve sites (first monitoring plan was released in 2012). This updated ecological monitoring plan describes the current, primary monitoring tools being used by the ODFW Marine Reserve Program as well as collaborations with research partners to expand ODFW-led efforts. Individual monitoring plans for each marine reserve describe the unique attributes of each site and describe sampling tools and intervals best suited for long-term monitoring of the marine ecological communities at each site. (ODFW 2015)

pdf Fish On! Hook-and-line Survey Volunteer Newsletter (2014) Popular

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2014 End of the Season Hook and Line Newsletter with some initial data from this years Hook and Line Sampling.

pdf Fish On! Hook-and-line Survey Volunteer Newsletter (2015) Popular

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End of the season hook-and-line survey newsletter. (ODFW 2015)

pdf Info Sheets: Ecological Monitoring 2010-11 (ODFW 2014) Popular

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General information sheets on some of the ecological monitoring activities conducted by ODFW from 2010-11 at the Redfish Rocks and Otter Rock sites. (ODFW 2014)

pdf Marine Reserve Monitoring Workshop Summary 2012 Popular

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The purpose of this meeting was to seek expert feedback on current and future ecological monitoring activities conducted by ODFW’s Marine Reserves Program; including methodologies, sampling periodicity, and prioritization.

pdf Marine Reserve Science & Monitoring Workshop Summary Popular

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Summary of science and monitoring workshop held March 2, 2010.

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Otter work areas to date. Sled, lander and dive drops.

Image Samples Conducted at Redfish Rocks Reserve Popular

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Samles to date; lander, sled and dive drops.

pdf Trifecta_study_poster_WSN Popular

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A poster discussing the trifecta study: a comparison of 3 methods Hook and Line, Video Lander, and Scuba. This poster was presented at the Western Society of Naturalists meeting in Tacoma, WA 2014.

pdf Workshop: Moving Beyond BACI (2015) Popular

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Workshop_Moving Beyond BACI_Final Summary_2015 06 10.pdf

Notes from science workshop hosted by ODFW to discuss moving away from the BACI (Before-After-Control-Impact) sampling design at two of Oregon’s Marine Reserve sites. Marine science experts from OSU, UCSC, ODFW, and PISCO attended to help brainstorm and provide feedback to the ODFW Marine Reserves Program on alternative ecological sampling designs for the Cape Perpetua and Cape Falcon marine reserve sites. (June 10, 2015)