Folder TSP Part 3 - Outreach materials

This folder contains pre-made outreach materials to help spread the word about the Territorial Sea Plan - Part 3 update. 

Please distribute materials as you see fit. 

All are welcome in this process!


pdf 1994 TSP Designations Popular

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TSP Designations.pdf

pdf Citizen's Guide to the Rocky Shores Amendment Process Popular

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FINAL5.30.18_TSP-RSMS Citizens Guide.pdf

pdf Draft Rocky Habitat Strategy Public Comment Press Release

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pdf DRAFT Rocky Habitat Web Mapping Tool User Guide Jan2020

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DRAFT Rocky Habitat Web Mapping Tool User Guide Jan2020.pdf

video Rocky Habitat Management Strategy Update Webinar #1

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Recording of Webinar #1 from Thursday, February 13, 2020 focused on updates to the Territorial Sea Plan: Part Three - The Rocky Habitat Management Strategy, and live demonstration of the new Rocky Habitat Web Mapping Tool (

document Rocky Shore-Public Workshop Info Handouts Popular

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Public Workshop Info Handouts.docx

document Rocky Shore-Working Group Members Contacts Popular

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Working Group Members_Contacts.pdf

pdf Social Media Post 1 Popular

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pdf Social Media Post 2 Popular

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Got Tidepools_ - Orange.pdf

pdf Social Media Post 3 Popular

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Got Tidepools_ - Purple.pdf

pdf Social Media Post 4 Popular

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Oregon Rocky Coast.pdf

pdf Social Media Post 5 Popular

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Rock On! (version2).pdf

pdf Social Media Post 6 Popular

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pdf Social Media Post 7 Popular

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pdf Social Media Post 8 Popular

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pdf Social Media Post 9 Popular

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pdf TSP3 - Phase 1 Public Comment Flyer Popular

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P1_Public Comment Flyer.pdf

pdf TSPRS FAQ Popular

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pdf TSPRS General Presentation Popular

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TSPRS Perpetua Presentation.pdf

Image TSPRS Newspaper Article Popular

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TSPRS Newspaper Article.png