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pdf November 3, 2006 Meeting Summary Popular

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pdf OPAC TSPWG Part3 DraftAgenda 20161122 Popular

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pdf Oregon size and spacing workshop report Popular

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pdf September 20, 2007 Meeting Summary Popular

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pdf size spacing workshop final report Popular

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pdf STAC agenda & meeting recording 11/9/18 Popular

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pdf STAC Agenda 11/22/19 Popular

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pdf STAC Agenda 8/29/19

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pdf STAC agenda March 17, 2020

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pdf STAC aug4 agenda meetingdocs (1) Popular

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pdf STAC conference call 27jan2011 Popular

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pdf STAC Draft Meeting Agenda Oct 26 2017 Popular

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pdf STAC econ workshop final Popular

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pdf STAC econ workshop invited Popular

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pdf STAC econwkshop 1final Popular

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pdf STAC Form and Function Guidance Document (2010) Popular

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Form and Function Guidance Document for the Scientific and Technical Advisory Committee (STAC) 


pdf STAC Meeting Agenda - June 2018 Popular

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