OPAC Working Groups

Oregon's Ocean Policy Advisory Council performs much of its work in smaller groups. None of these groups has any added authority over that of OPAC itself, and all decisions and positions of OPAC are developed and made or taken by the entire council. The Scientific and Technical Advisory Committee (STAC) is the only subgroup of OPAC that is legislatively mandated. The Executive Committee is established under OPAC's adopted pdf Operating Procedures (38 KB) . Other groups, standing or ad hoc, are established by the Council as needed. The topical working groups are ad hoc subgroups and are named to address specific issues. Members of these groups are members of OPAC or may be any other individuals with knowledge of the issues. 
It is the intent of OPAC that all of the topical working group meetings be open and available to the public. However, these meetings are intended as working sessions among a fairly small number of persons, and logistic arrangements may not support many added observers. Contact information for the working group chairs is included below so that the public may contact them. Meeting dates and other working group logistical information will be posted on the website as is feasible. 

Current OPAC Working Groups include:

  1. Executive Committee
  2. Scientific and Technical Advisory Committee
  3. Federal Liaison Committee
  4. A topical Working Group focused on the Territorial Sea Plan for Rocky Habitat Management

Past working groups have focused on Marine Renewable Energy and Oregon's policy on Marine Reserves.

This page features information on current and past OPAC working groups, including meeting summaries, major work products, contact information, and upcoming meetings and activities as available.