Folder 01/25/18

This folder contains the contents of the Council Member Informational Packet.


pdf 1. OAH Backgrounder 2017 Popular

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pdf 10. OR OAH Action Plan Seascape Popular

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10_OR OAH Action Plan Seascape.pdf

pdf 11. Five Things we know Popular

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pdf 12. Oregon agency responses OAH Panel science info needs Popular

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12_Oregon agency responses - OAH Panel science info needs.pdf

pdf 3. WCOAHSP AddressingOAH 1pager Popular

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pdf 6. OA Alliance LetterofCommitment Popular

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6_OA Alliance_LetterofCommitment.pdf

pdf 9. SB 1039 OAH Policy Popular

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9_SB 1039 - OAH Policy.pdf

video Meeting Recording Afternoon P1 Popular

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video Meeting Recording Afternoon P2 Popular

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video Meeting Recording Morning Popular

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Image OA Impacts on Fish 1.25.18 Popular

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Image OAH Council 1.25.18 Popular

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Image OAH Council 1.25.18 Popular

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pdf OAH Council Meeting Agenda 1.25.2018 Popular

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OAH Council Agenda 1.25.18.pdf

pdf OAH Council Meeting Summary 1/25/2018 Popular

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Image OAH Policy Presentation 1.25.18 Popular

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pdf Presentation: Barth Science Panel Popular

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pdf Presentation: Barton Oyster Impacts Popular

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pdf Presentation: Braby OAH POLICY 101 Popular

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5_Braby_OAH POLICY 101.pdf

pdf Presentation: Braby Senate Bill 1039 Overview Popular

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