The State of Oregon holds the waters, shoreline, and living resources of its shoreline in trust for the public. The state has therefore established in law a program of planning and management that includes ocean resource goals and policies. The Oregon Territorial Sea Plan (TSP) was first adopted in 1994 and provides detailed guidance to state and federal agencies to manage uses within the state’s territorial sea, from shore to three nautical miles offshore. State ocean resources are governed by a tapestry of authorities at multiple government scales, and the TSP acts as a coordinating framework from which individual agencies institute regulations and management activities. 

The Ocean Policy Advisory Council (OPAC) was given the responsibility of stewarding the TSP, in conjunction with the Oregon Land Conservation and Development, when necessary to deal with new concerns as they occur.  

  Territorial Sea Plan Table of Contents


     Part One: Ocean Management Framework

A. pdf History of Ocean Planning in Oregon (36 KB)

B. pdf The Ocean Policy Advisory Council (33 KB)

C. pdf Oregon's Territorial Sea (233 KB)

D. pdf Laws and Legal Authorities Affecting Ocean Management (76 KB)

E. pdf Ocean Management Agencies (96 KB)

F. pdf Plan Implementation (84 KB)

G. pdf Ocean Management Goals and Policies (73 KB)  (2001)

     Part Two: Making Resource Use Decisions

A.  pdf Resources Inventory and Effects Evaluation (48 KB)

B.  pdf Joint Review Panels (JRPs) (30 KB)

C.  pdf Local Government Consultation (37 KB)

     Part Three: Rocky Shores Management Strategy ( pdf All Sections (3.34 MB) )

pdf A. The Rocky Habitat Management Strategy (232 KB)

pdf B. Oregon's Rocky Habitats (977 KB)

pdf C. Rocky Habitat Management (604 KB)

pdf D. Rocky Habitat Site Management Designation Standards & Practices (223 KB)

pdf E. Site Based Proposal Overview (1.21 MB)

pdf Appendix A: Glossary (3.69 MB)

pdf Appendix B: Rocky Habitat Classification (3.69 MB)

pdf Appendix C: Example Proposal Contents & Questions (812 KB)

pdf Appendix D: Designation Standards for Federal Consistency (272 KB)

pdf Appendix E: Rocky Habitat Designations & Map (484 KB)

pdf Appendix F: History & Status of Rocky Habitat Site Management Designations (247 KB)

     Proposed Amendment (2023) to Appendix E  ( pdf Document Link (3.32 MB) )
     Part Four: Uses of the Seafloor
     Part Five: Uses of the Territorial Sea
          B. pdf Appendix B (12.80 MB)
          Appendix A. pdf Glossary of Terms (51 KB)
          Appendix B. pdf References (9 KB)
          Appendix C. pdf Acronyms And Abbreviations (3 KB)  
          Appendix D. pdf Notes on Tidal Related Shore Lines (76 KB)  
          Appendix E. pdf Oregon Ocean Law: ORS 196.405-.515 (42 KB)  
          Appendix F. pdf Goal 19, Ocean Resources (23 KB)  
          Appendix G. pdf Policies of the Oregon Ocean Plan (36 KB)  
          Appendix H. pdf Rocky Shores Classification System (730 KB)  
          Appendix I. pdf Three Arch Rocks Management Report (87 KB)