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pdf Citizen's Guide to the Rocky Shores Amendment Process Popular

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pdf OTSP Appendix A: Glossary of Terms Popular

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pdf OTSP Appendix B: References Popular

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pdf OTSP Appendix C: Acronyms and Abbreviations Popular

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pdf OTSP Appendix D: Notes on Tidal Related Shore Lines Popular

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pdf OTSP Appendix E: Oregon Ocean Law: ORS 196.405-.515 Popular

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pdf OTSP Appendix F: Oregon Goal 19, Ocean Resources Popular

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pdf OTSP Appendix G: Policies of the Oregon Ocean Plan Popular

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pdf OTSP Appendix H: Rocky Shores Classification System Popular

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pdf OTSP Appendix I: Three Arch Rocks Management Report Popular

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pdf OTSP Part I-A: History of Ocean Planning in Oregon Popular

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pdf OTSP Part I-B: The Ocean Policy Advisory Council Popular

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pdf OTSP Part I-C: Oregon's Territorial Sea Popular

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pdf OTSP Part I-D: Laws and Legal Authorities Affecting Ocean Management Popular

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pdf OTSP Part I-E: Ocean Management Agencies Popular

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pdf OTSP Part I-F: Plan Implementation Popular

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pdf OTSP Part I-G: Ocean Management Goals and Policies (2001) Popular

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pdf OTSP Part II-A: Resources Inventory and Effects Evaluation Popular

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pdf OTSP Part II-B: Joint Review Panels (JRPs) Popular

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pdf OTSP Part II-C: Local Government Consultation Popular

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