Folder Rocky Shores Update - Text Editing

The folder contains both the full 1994 Territorial Sea Plan, and the current editing history of the text done by the Working Group.  This editing is ongoing so the version history will change over the coarse of the update process.


pdf DRAFT Rocky Shores Management Strategy - Appendices- Phase 1 - As of 2/8/19 Popular

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DRAFT_Rocky Shores Appendices_P1-2_2.8.19.pdf

pdf Rocky Habitat Management Strategy (Phase1)- OPAC Recommendation 4/3/19

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This draft of the Rocky Habitat Management Strategy is the recommended text that is scheduled to be reviewed and potentially adopted by the Land Conservation and Development Commission on May 23, 2019 in Salem, OR.  It is intended to replace sections A-E of the original Plan (adopted in 1994).

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pdf TSP3 Phase1 Informational Presentation

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