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The State of Oregon invites all individuals, organizations, and governments
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Phase 2
Currently ongoing
How to Submit a Comment


Email written comment to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


Offer oral comment during a Working Group meeting
Public comment is scheduled into meeting agendas.
Meeting Protocol for Public Comment 
To allow the working group to have efficient discussions during meeting-
  • Public comment will only be accepted during pre-determined public comment agenda items (~15 minute at begining and end of meeting).
  • In the event an large number of individuals would like to comment, time will be divided to allow all parties an equal amount of time to speak.
  • Additional dialog and questioning between the working group and the commenting entity should be avoided to keep meetings on track. 


Offer comment during a formal comment period

Once the working group has a draft product, a public comment period will be opened.  Check back here or sign up for email updates to find out when the public comment periods will open. 

If you have a question or if your affiliated with a group requiring government consultation please contact the working group
chair person or staff.
Charlie Plybon (Chair) - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
Deanna Caracciolo (Staff) - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

*Please note that due to the complexity of this process not all public comments may be incorporated into the final strategy.

Phase 1 (archive)

Phase 1 products (general rocky habitat management) have been adopted by the Land Conservation and Development Commission on May 24, 2019. 
The working group is continuing to draft Phase 2 updates (site-based management)

Read the approved document

Learn more about the Phase 1 document

2018 Public Scoping (archive)

 In Spring of 2018 DLCD staff conducted 9 public scoping meetings to gather initial information and public opinion on rocky shore issues and management

Learn more about the management plan:  What is the Territorial Sea Plan? 

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TSP Plan Maps

View maps of the Territorial Sea, with layers that can be interactively switched on, including maps of: Part III Rocky Shores, Part IV Cables, and Part V Marine Renewable Energy Area Designations Map. 

Read more: TSP Plan Maps

Resource Inventory Maps

Informed decision making, the heart of Goal 19 and the Oregon Ocean Plan, depends upon adequate information about ocean resources and uses and the effects of any proposed action on those resources and uses. This page contains information about ocean and coastal resource inventories, as well as interactive maps of existing resource inventory information.

Read more: Resource Inventory Maps

Territorial Sea Plan Advisory Committee

As part of the amendment process for Part V of the Oregon Territorial Sea Plan (TSP), concerning marine renewable energy development, a Territorial Sea Plan Advisory Committee composed of representatives from the Territorial Sea Plan Working Group and affected industry representatives was formed to provide input and recommendations for the final TSP rulemaking by the Land Conservation and Development Commission (LCDC).

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